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I am a Freelance Photographer / Videographer & social influencer, Based on the Gold Coast Australia but also available world wide, specialising in swimwear, fashion, travel, and lifestyle campaigns. Driven by a sense of adventure and creativity, I have established a name for myself in Australia by local, national and international brands to create and market content that connects businesses with core audiences through eye catching, visual promotion techniques. I have worked with companies to create a brand experience that exposes my clientele to niche markets, engages consumers through my imagery leading to an increase in online traffic and sales revenue resulting in a huge upside potential in sales & we all know how important those KPI's are for your business.

As i have grown as a professional, so does my social media, networks and online presence. This enables my clients the opportunity to leverage their promotions and advertising strategies off my own audience. Giving brands an opportunity to reach target audiences and market segments in different industries. My audience is a highly active and involved community who all share a love for travel, fashion and lifestyle. My followers are informed and intrigued giving many opportunities to expose and introduce brands to a global following all looking for the next big thing.

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